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A bit more about me...

I’ve been a non-traditional educator, facilitator, and community builder for more than 15 years.

I am passionate about mobilizing others to bring their whole hearts forward to create a more just, connected, and beautiful world.

I’ve designed and lead transformational experiences for individuals and groups. I've been a keynote speaker on international stages about the power of individual action. I've been a writer for multiple publications about sparking an individual's sense of agency.

One of my earliest mindset shifts took place in my teens when I walked through a clear-cut at the edge of an old growth forest. In the emptiness I realized what had been lost, and that my lifestyle had contributed to it.

I hold a deep belief in each individual's innate potential to create positive change in their own life, in the communities that anchor them, and in the world. I think there is incredible power in living authentically - so that your choices align with the life you want to lead, and the world you want to create.

In my 20’s I started The Otesha Project and biked across Canada with 33 other young people. We performed a play on the power of individual action to 10,000 people, and built one of the most magical communities I’ve ever been a part of in the process.

I did my MBA as a Skoll Scholar at Oxford. The project I enjoyed the most was organizing a weekend retreat for my fellow students at embercombe to reconnect with their purpose.

Before starting the Ember Circle, I worked with Ashoka U for 5 years - focusing on how we can make changemaker education the new normal. Working with Ashoka taught me the power of dreaming big and that everyone carries a desire to serve.

The start-up I'm most proud of is the one in which I serve as a mom to two incredible little people. They have been my best teachers and remind me to find the magic in every day.

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