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A window inside the Ember Circle

I’ve been speaking with many of you who are considering joining the Ember Circle and I’m excited to see the beautiful new group come together. 

In these discovery calls I often get asked what a typical Ember Circle session is like - so here is a window into the experience...


Our gatherings start each week with a moment when the busyness of the day meets the sacredness of a ritual - we take a few breaths together to settle into our selves. 

Everyone is then invited to share what’s on their heart. It ends up being much deeper than what you would normally share in a typical coffee date - it’s not just what’s up with your kids, or sharing the details of the latest project you have at work. People share what is happening in their inner lives - a grounded breath of realness.

The response from the group is not advice or problem solving.  It's one of the greatest gifts we can give and receive - presence. You’ll be witnessed, seen, and listened to.


Each week I then bring forward a new idea, or a tool - part of a thoughtfully curated journey that supports a deepening both individually and collectively.  

You’ll explore where you’ve come from and where you’re going, what you want to unlearn and what you want to remember.

You’ll hear the story of others which helps you understand your own.


We close with a moment to pause so you can hear the whisper of what’s surfacing for you. 

We leave by sharing an insight we are taking back into the whirlwind of our lives.

“I’m trusting that I’m where I need to be”

“I feel a sense of permission to let go”

“I’m leaving with gratitude. For this.”


All of this weaves together to create an almost mystical zoom call - something I once thought was impossible in a virtual setting. 

Session after session I watch in awe as the intimacy in the group builds. We settle into a rhythm - one that members often refer to as an anchor in their week, a pulse that reminds them of what matters.

Shifts take place both internally and externally - people re-imagine a relationship, leave a job, create new boundaries, release their creativity, discover a daily practice that allows a truer version of themselves to unfold. 

By coming together we help one another come back home to ourselves.

“The most valuable part of this experience has been the time and space to focus and connect with myself, and to do that with other wonderful women in a way that I know I’ve been missing. The work has been deep and life changing. I feel more present, connected, and stronger.” 

-  Program participant