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"My notebook just isn't cutting it..."

So I got myself a really nice notebook. It was filled with reflective prompts and spaces to write about the vision I held for my life.

I carved out an evening or two where I took myself out to a coffee shop to sit with that lovely notebook. 

I was working four days a week so I told myself I’ll use that fifth day to really move forward on my next steps. I was proud of myself and felt like I had a plan.

But months later I realized nothing had changed.  



While I had done some reflection - a powerful act for sure - life kept getting in the way. I struggled to prioritize the rhythm of reflection, accountability, and action that transformation require. 

I lacked the tools to sift through the many layers of ‘shoulds’ and the nagging voice of ‘I can’t’.

Other women who’ve joined the Ember Circle have also shared with me that they tried buying themselves nice notebooks. Many of us go through periods in our life where we know we need space to cultivate our ‘what’s next’, but aren't sure how to do it.

Like me, their notebooks - no matter how lovely - just didn’t cut it for them.  



I designed the Ember Circle to be the structure, community, and rhythm that I needed to cultivate my ‘what’s next’:

  • Something that helped me to look at my whole self - not just who I was professionally or as a leader. 
  • A community of other women who felt a strong call to leave the world better than they found it, and could help me wrestle with the question of how best to do that.
  •  Tools to help expand my view of what’s possible for me, my life, and the world.  

And what a gift it has been to me, and to the 50+ women I’ve been honoured to walk alongside. 



Get the lovely notebook. Write. Reflect. Create space for your next steps. 

But know that if that's not enough there's a beautiful circle of women ready to help you take all of that, and turn it into the transformation you're looking for. 

To your ‘what’s next’, 

Jess xo