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Inner work and social change

"what we practice at the small scale sets the patterns for the whole system." - adrienne maree brown

This quote from the incredible adrienne maree brown, always reminds me of the importance of aligning our choices, our days, and our lives with the kind of world we want to create.

When I first started working in social change, (almost 20 years ago!), I focused on how we can unlearn a culture of overconsumption. I worked to shine a light on the connection between what we buy, the resources we use, and the harm that so often results.

While I still strive to walk lighter on the earth everyday, the focus of my work has shifted.

Through the Ember Circle I support women to unlearn a culture of busyness, urgency, judgement, and depletion. I shine a light on the connection between our own inner work and outer change. I’ve come to believe that the permission, compassion, love, and trust that we extend to ourselves ripples out to our family, our organizations, our communities, and beyond.

Alignment has many layers.

If we want systems that bring out the best in each of us, then we can’t skip over the work we need to do to bring out the best in ourselves.

To your practice,

xo Jess