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The most potent type of visioning

Visioning is a beautiful act. A mix of possibility, imagination, and faith.

The most potent type of visioning I've done has centred around committing to who I want to become.

I start this process by sensing how I am yearning to show up or feel. Then I colour in the lines with vivid detail and name that future version of me.

What choices does that version of me make?

How do they relate to those they love?

How do they walk and serve in the world?



This vision of my future self is more than an inspirational exercise.

It's a clarifier.

Waking up in the morning, I can ask, what is the first thing that version of me would do?

Faced with a difficult conversation, I can think about what that version of me would say.

It concentrates my energy, my choices, and my attention on closing the gap between where I am now and where I desire to be.



We do this kind of visioning in my Ember Circles. I've seen alumni stretch into their vision, even when their outside circumstances haven't yet changed. This mindset work slowly rewires their identity, which paves the way for them to realign their future.

It makes me feel incredibly hopeful when I see someone expand into their vision like that.

That expansion reminds me that the big questions - like who we want to become - deserve our full and persistent attention.

And most importantly, when hope is harder to find - identity shifts remind me of human beings' potential for transformation - both within ourselves and the world.

To your hope, your vision, and our collective becoming,

Jess xo