• These case studies are based off of interviews with Ember alumni months after they completed the program. My goal was to better understand the longterm impact of the Ember Circle & Council. I was blown away by what I heard and share a summary of some of those conversations here.


    Abby's Story

    From stagnancy to flow & trust

    Frustrated in the middle school she was teaching at, Abby joined the Ember Circle hoping to break out of old patterns and find a more aligned career path. In the process, she found greater trust in herself and was inspired to step into a new path of restorative justice that lit her up and aligned with her gifts.

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    After the Ember Circle & Council, Abby is:

    • In a more aligned career path with re-ignited passion and commitment to impact.
    • Launching an education liberation program for others who work with youth

    • Finding more ease in her relationships - especially those that were draining (and enjoying new ones!).
    • Able to navigate her fears and regulate her nervous system.
    • More connected to her spirituality and the tools she needs to stay aligned.
    • Still meeting with her Ember cohort regularly and supporting one another to continue the inner work.
  • “This work opened a door for me into another way of being in the world where I can move with so much more flow and presence. It gave me the permission and tools I needed to grab ahold of the anchor/raft inside of myself. The Circles helped me realize (with some initial horror!) how competitively I have sometimes operated with other women, even though I call myself a feminist. In the Circles, I had a group of loving supportive women who reflected genuine joy in my growth! And because they revealed their struggles to me, I could do the same for them.”

    - Ember Circle & Council 2021 program participant

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  • Marie's Story

    From shoulds to reclaiming self

    Marie had children who needed a lot from her, and worked in a fast-paced fundraising position where she managed a large team. With many competing priorities, she struggled to prioritize herself. She joined the Ember Circle looking for the space she needed to figure out what she wanted and find more balance in her life.

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    After the Ember Circle Marie is:

    • Saying no a lot more often, and saying yes to herself a lot more.
    • Shifting old patterns & responding to requests in a more aligned way.
    • Excited but not rushed to move forward on a new business idea that lights her up.
    • Feeling resilient - finding ease and confidence in events that would have thrown her off balance before.
  • “I feel good about the decisions I'm making and the boundaries I’m setting. The Circle has really been about giving myself that permission and being okay with it. I feel more aligned with my decisions. I’m able to finally step back and really see what I need and if I can see myself in something before moving forward.”

    - Marie, Ember Circle Alumni

  • Melissa's Story

    From overworked to spaciousness & meaning

    Melissa works as a consultant on Indigenous issues - a field she loves but can be emotionally heavy and very busy. Struggling to stay on top of multiple projects, she noticed her calendar was full but she felt depleted. She knew she needed to go inward and coming across the Ember Circle felt like a synchronous moment for her.

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    After the Ember Circle & Council Melissa is:

    • Clear on the type of consulting projects that make her feel alive and saying no to the work that doesn't.
    • Rejuvenated from finally protecting time in her calendar every week for the activities that nourish her.
    • Sharing many of the tools she learned with friends, family, and colleagues.

    • Supported by weekly meetings with her Ember cohort that has continued to gather long past the end of the program.
  • “I've taken many personal or professional development courses and never gone back to them after they end. But with the Ember Circle & Council, you have this ongoing guidance and support from the whole group (which has continued for more than a year after the program!).


    I've gotten back a hundredfold what I put into the Ember Council. The experience taught me to say no to what doesn't align, and my whole career and personal life has changed as a result."


    - Melissa, Ember Circle & Council Alumni