• What if we lead less from our minds and more from our hearts?

    What if when we want to change a system, we start by changing ourselves?

    What if changing ourselves changes everything?

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    Find your aligned 'what's next'


    The Ember Circle is for women who are ready to do the inner work that leads to outer change.


    It's an experience designed to amplify your inner voice so the choices you make are truly aligned with the life you want to lead and the world you want to create.

  • "Instead of allowing external advice to clutter my path, I now have the confidence to look inward and make the choices that are most aligned with my values and vision. I can engage in the unlearning I want to do, and how that connects to the world I want to help create."


    Kristin S.

  • The Experience

    In the Ember Circle you'll build:



    You'll peel back layers of 'shoulds' and cultural conditioning to reconnect with your inner compass and allow you to make more aligned confident decisions.



    You'll bring your fears to the light and be more able to recognize when they are driving your reactions. You'll practice acting from a place of love and your most authentic self.



    You'll look at your boundaries, and get clear on what drains your energy and what makes you feel most alive. You'll learn tools to re-frame obstacles as the fuel for your growth.

  • "Jess and the women in my Ember Circle were inspiring, insightful and authentic. I loved connecting with them and experienced profound, lightbulb moments. I'm coming away with a new appreciation for my inner wisdom, the journey that I'm on, and the power of connection."


    - Heather O.,

    International Development Professional

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    Hi - I'm Jess...

    Somewhere along the way of taking care of two little people, trying to repair the world, and support the people I love I had lost the connection with the deepest parts of myself. Something didn't feel right but I couldn't decide what I needed to change or where I needed to go.
    I sought out a number of incredible mentors, courses, and experiences. Years of saying no, 'I'm too busy', - became months of saying yes. I prioritized my inner work - something I had long paid lip service to - but had never made time for. I started a regular practice of reflection that in many ways has changed everything.
    The Ember Circle is the experience I wish I had. It takes my experience as an ecologist, non-profit leader, community builder, ICF-certified coach, and educator and weaves it into a powerful journey.
  • "There is something truly magical that happens when a group of strong women get together in circle. Through conversation, reflection, deep listening, and sinking in, I have received timely teachings and 'aha' moments that have reminded me of who I am. Thank you Jess, for creating this beautiful space of stillness, connection and truth-telling."


    - Melissa H.

  • The Details

  • "The Ember Circle is an opportunity to press pause, reflect, and realign. It left me with a clearer sense of the steps I can take right now to carve out a future self that's in line with my values. Jess's calming presence pairs with her depth of knowledge and breadth of experience to bring about powerful, purposeful moments of reflection and learning. Every moment of introspection is backed up with frameworks, meditations, and guidance to turn reflections into action."


    - Ember Circle Participant

  • When does it happen?

    The next Ember Circle will be in the fall of 2024.


    If you have a group of folks you can pull together I'm happy to work with you to set one up on a different timeline.


    Submit your expression of interest here




    What kind of long-term impact does the experience have on participants?

    I'm so glad you asked!


    I wanted to know that too - so I reached out and did interviews with alumni months after they completed the program.


    I was humbled and amazed by how it strengthened their relationships, re-invigorated their lives, and transformed how they chose to spend their time and energy.


    Read their stories.

    Or take a listen.


    How much does it cost?

    To date, the program investment has been between $1,200 - $1,850 depending on how it's structured.


    Stay tuned for the cost details when enrollment opens for the next cohort.


    Other details...
    I follow purchasing power parity - so you'll pay in the currency you earn in the U.S. & Canada (or an equivalent if you live elsewhere).


    I want to challenge the inequitable capitalist system in some small but meangingful way, so I'll be offering a number of sliding scale spots, and extended no-fee payment plans over twelve months. If finances are a barrier go ahead and apply and we can chat about the details. More on my pricing philosophy here.


    Many past participants have been able to cover the cost of the program through their professional development budgets. More tips on that in the program guide.





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    A refuge &

    a sisterhood



    The Ember Circle will help you unlearn harmful conditioning, listen to your heart, and finally come back home to yourself.

  • "The Ember Circle is a true and absolute gift. It is the most clear, insightful, tangibly helpful, and beautiful group experience I've ever been a part of. "


    Julianne B.

  • Give yourself...


    A roadmap that will guide you in connecting back to your inner compass.


    A community who are committed to creating a world where everyone can thrive, and wrestle with the question of how best to do that.


    Practices that help you shed the conditioning that keeps us small & stuck.


    And a rhythm that will have you keep coming back to what matters most.


  • "I came to The Ember Circle looking for support in making a major career change, what I came away with was the ability to make decisions from a place of alignment and authenticity. I now have a strong foundation from which to make all choices, not only related to my career but to all matters in my life."


    - Erin M.

  • Go Deeper

    I’ve been speaking with many of you who are considering joining the Ember Circle and I’m excited...
      I used to feel that I didn't have time to do inner work. There were too many other things...
    ​"what we practice at the small scale sets the patterns for the whole system." - adrienne maree...
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    Like to Know all the Details?

    Then I made this program guide for you. 💗