• Financial Accessibility


    I believe in economic justice and a world where everyone can thrive.

    Right now I strive to embody that belief in my business in the following ways:

    Scholarships and bartering

    For my group programs I offer sliding scale spots to those who request additional support. This is offered shame free & with no questions asked. If I have space in the program - no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Scholarship recipients are invited to pay the scholarship forward at a future time if their financial situation allows them to do so, and it feels good!


    When it makes sense - I also explore non-financial bartering opportunities in exchange for program participation or coaching.

    No penalty & extended payment plans

    I don't charge more for those who would benefit from spreading their payments out over a longer time horizon (doing so rewards those with more disposable income and penalizes those with less). I also offer the option to extend payment plans - up to 12 months - for those who feel more comfortable with smaller monthly payments.

    Wealth redistribution & reciprocity with the earth

    I donate 3% of my after-tax salary to Indigenous led organizations in Canada doing the work to right historical wrongs. This is one of the small ways that White people like me can divest from White supremacy, return wealth, and recognize unpaid debt to Indigenous people.


    Organizations I've donated to have included the First Nations Child & Family Caring Society, Anishinawbe Health Foundation, and The Circle on Philanthropy.


    As my income grows I plan to increase the percentage of my salary that I contribute. Learn more about a practice of wealth redistribution in this great workbook from Nicole Antoinette, and about the voluntary land tax movement here.


    To contribute to reciprocity with the earth that supports this business & all life I also contribute to Canopy Planet which is changing supply chains so the remaining old growth forests can be left standing.

    Purchasing Power Parity

    Folks from all over the world participate in my programs. To increase global equity I am experimenting with purchasing power parity. For most of my clients who live in Canada and the US - the simplest way to do this is to have everyone pay in the currency they earn.


    For example - if you earn Canadian dollars then you pay the program price in CAD, if you earn US dollars then you pay the same price but in USD. For those outside of Canada and the US I work out an equivalent.

    Resourcing myself

    After years of unconsciously exploiting myself in my work, I strive to run a business that nourishes me, those who support me in my business, and those I serve. When pricing my programs I include myself and fair pay to others in the equation of time, money, and energetic capacity that it takes to run a business.

    Other forms of accessibility

    I strive to create experiences that support each client in their unique learning style and needs. This has included screen-reader accessible resources, alt text that describes drawings and images, switching messaging/software platforms, enabling closed captions, recorded sessions that can be played back at different speeds, optional use of video while in group sessions, and auto-generated transcripts of sessions.


    If you have specific needs that would enable you to get the most out of the program let me know. I'll work with you to try to make that possible.


    I am on a continuous learning journey of how to create a business that aligns with the world I want to live in. This is a work in progress and I value feedback and ideas from others.

    🙏🏻 With thanks to Becca Piastrelli & Nicole Antionette for the inspiration for this page.