• Heart-Rooted Mini Series


    Insights that can help all of us offer, receive, and believe that there can be more love in our lives and the world.


    By request this will be available for free until March 4th 💗.


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  • Ember Circle Details


    If you liked this mini series - you'll love the Ember Circle.

    Learn more about the experience starting on Feb.28th.





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  • "I came across the Ember Circle when I was at a midlife career crossroads and really struggling to define the next steps in my professional life. I had considered individual coaching, but I felt really drawn to the idea of working through my challenges in community with other women. I’m so glad I decided to join the Ember Circle!


    From my first interaction with Jess, I felt so supported and validated in my struggles. It was especially beneficial to hear about the challenges that other women were working through and to see that I wasn’t alone in this experience. Jess created such a unique environment for us to explore our life journeys, our identities, and our visions for creating a more aligned and balanced path forward.


    I now feel so much better equipped to continue on this path with a unique toolkit for making decisions and living my best life."


    - Anna L.